Texas PKC rounds 5 & 6 @ Speedsportz racing park september 13-15, 2019

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The Texas ProKart Challenge Series is pleased to add the LO206 classes to our 2019 race season!

LO-206 Senior
Engine: LO-206 (2019 Briggs rules will apply)
Chassis: SKUSA Chassis Rules
Bodywork: SKUSA Bodywork Rules
Age: 15+
Weight: 360lbs.
Tires: Evinco Blue spec tire from TPKC
Rear 6.0 or 7.1 is permitted.
Fuel: Pump gas (location TBD)



LO-206 Master
Engine: LO-206 (2019 Briggs rules will apply)
Chassis: SKUSA Chassis Rules
Bodywork: SKUSA Bodywork Rules
Age: 30+
Weight: 390lbs.
Tires: Evinco Blue spec tire from TPKC
Rear 6.0 or 7.1 is permitted.
Fuel: Pump gas (location TBD)

LO-206 Junior
Engine: LO-206 (2019 Briggs rules will apply)
Chassis: SKUSA Chassis Rules
Bodywork: SKUSA Bodywork Rule
Age: 12-15
Weight: 310lbs.
Tires: Evinco Blue spec tire from TPKC
Rear 6.0 or 7.1 is permitted
Fuel: Pump gas (location TBD)

Race Tires

  • You are required to purchase 1 set of TPKC stamped spec Evinco blue tires at the beginning of the series, this same set can be used for the entire series.
  • At each race you will qualify and race on the same set of TPKC stamped spec Evinco blue tires; using either 6.0 or 7.1 rear
  • Engine - 2019 Briggs
  • Chassis - SKUSA
  • Bodywork - SKUSA
  • SKUSA Membership is NOT REQUIRED
  • No pushback bumpers
  • No specific number plate colors required
  • # selection 1 - 999
  • There has to be five LO206 Junior entries to make the class.

Download 2019 BRIGGS 206 RULES 2MB PDF

2019 TPKC Series Loyalty Program - $750
2019SLP The Series Loyalty Program covers all 6 race entry fees ($900) and driver bands ($120). All 2019 TPKC classes available. Purchase your series loyalty package now! http://msreg.com/TPKCSLP

SLP Drivers will have the FIRST pick for their 2019 TPKC Series kart number
SKUSA regional program in Lone Star State to offer three events for eighth year of series

ROYSE CITY, TX (January 23, 2019) – In the Lone Star State, regional racing is headlined by the Superkarts! USA Texas ProKart Challenge. Entering its eighth season of competition, the SKUSA Texas PKC program continues to develop impressive talent and current SKUSA Pro Tour stars. The 2019 season will be a year of change for class structure at Superkarts! USA, and the SKUSA Texas ProKart Challenge is evolving with those adjustments for the upcoming season. In addition, they will be revamping the series format, moving to a three-event, six-round program for the upcoming season.

The first circuit on the 2019 calendar is the North Texas Karters facility in Denton, Texas. The NTK organization has welcomed the Texas PKC program year after year, and remains one of the iconic grassroots kart clubs in the country. Typically, the series holds events during the hot summer nights at NTK, however in 2019, the program will open up with a trip to Denton at the end of March. The summer event for the Texas PKC is reserved for the gem found in the panhandle region - the Amarillo Kart Circuit in West Texas. For a third straight year, karters from surrounding states and as far away as California will venture to Amarillo to tackle the replica of the Formula One Turkish Grand Prix Istanbul Park circuit in mid-July. The 2019 finale takes competitors to the location of the 2018 opener - Speedsportz Racing Park in Houston. In mid-September, Texas PKC will decide the 2019 champions at the New Caney, Texas circuit designed and owned by SKUSA Hall of Fame member Alan Rudolph.

“A shorter, more compact schedule is what our customers were looking for in 2019,” stated SKUSA Texas ProKart Challenge promoter Gina French. “We have three distinct tracks on our schedule, providing some tradition with NTK, a unique circuit with Amarillo, and one of the most challenge tracks in North America at SpeedSportz. We continue working with Superkarts! USA to provide a consistent, professional regional series that streamlines teams and competitors to the elite level of the sport here in North America. Our series continues to develop and produce current and future stars of the sport while keeping with the fun, family-oriented atmosphere that bring people to the sport of karting.”

The SKUSA Texas ProKart Challenge class structure will mirror the new approach provided by Superkarts! USA for the 2019 season. The IAME SSE 175cc shifterkart powerplant is new for 2019, and is available in the Pro Shifter and local option G1 categories. Honda competition remains for the upcoming season, with Honda Stock Moto and S4 Master Stock Moto continuing for 2019. Also new to the SKUSA Texas ProKart Challenge are the KA100 Senior and KA100 Junior divisions. The IAME KA100 engine is providing a popular two-cycle option for club, regional and national competitors throughout the United States. Returning for 2019 are X30 Senior, X30 Master, X30 Junior, Mini Swift and Micro Swift. The X30 Junior category will follow the 2019 rule update under the SKUSA Pro Tour, switching to the Envico Blue “H” compound. Fuel and oil will no longer be a required purchase at SKUSA Texas ProKart Challenge events, providing local kart shops and teams the opportunity to provide directly for their customers.

Mark French is back in 2019 as the official Race Director for the SKUSA Texas ProKart Challenge. “Last year was a learning year for me and for the racers. I look forward to applying all that I learned last year to further the SKUSA Texas ProKart Challenge mission of fair and consistent competition.”

Returning to the SKUSA Texas ProKart Challenge is the official voice of Superkarts! USA - eKartingNews.com owner/publisher Rob Howden. The long-time karting journalist will provide the play-by-play at all three events, streaming his race call through the EKN Live page of the website, which will then be archived for airing on the EKN Radio Network. Weekend reports along with social media updates will be available through the EKN channels, promoting the SKUSA Texas ProKart Challenge to karting fans around the world. Also back in 2019 is Ken Johnson of Studio 52, providing FREE digital photo package to every driver entered at each event.

The SKUSA Texas ProKart Challenge is once again providing the opportunity for competitors to take advantage of their Series Loyalty Program (SLP). The SLP covers all six entry fees ($900) and driver pit passes ($120) at a reduced combined price of $750. The SKUSA Texas ProKart Challenge SLP opens up at the end of January.

Make sure to watch the series website - texasprokartchallenge.com - for more information on the 2019 program, and to keep connected to the series, make sure to follow the SKUSA Texas ProKart Challenge on Facebook and Instagram.

2019 SKUSA Texas ProKart Challenge Schedule:

Rounds 1 & 2: March 29-31 - North Texas Karters - Denton, Texas
Rounds 2 & 3: July 19-21 - Amarillo Kart Circuit - Amarillo, Texas
Rounds 4 & 5: September 13-15 - Speedsportz Racing Park - New Caney, Texas

Texas ProKart Challenge series is pleased to announce it's 2019 race schedule

  • Rounds 1 & 2 - North Texas Karters - March 29-31
  • Rounds 3 & 4 - Amarillo Kart Circuit - July 19-21
  • Rounds 5 & 6 - Speedsportz Racing Park - September 13-15

Check back soon for more details!

tpkc logo 500

The following shall be instituted immediately and will remain permanently as part of the Texas ProKart rules package.

Post-Race Contact

At the conclusion of each on-track session, after crossing the finish line; all competitors must slow their speed while making their way to the scale line. Any competitor who makes contact with another racer shall be penalized.

Penalty Assessed
Practice or Warm-up           - Loss of next scheduled on track session
Qualifying or Competition   - DQ/loss of points for the session

Texas ProKart Challenge Sticker Placement

All karts participating in a TPKC event must have a Texas ProKart sticker mounted on the front fairing. Stickers will be provided to you at registration.

Registration opens on Friday, May 11 for TPKC rounds 2 and 3 at North Texas Karters, Denton Texas. Join us for some awesome night racing, June 7-9

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