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online race registration
Registration is now open for TPKC final rounds at SpeedSportz Racing Park in New Caney, TX! CLICK HERE to register now!


PIT Parking Requests

Email your request to: 
Subject line: TPKC Pit Parking SRP

Spaces available:
12 x 50 - $50 each
Generators will be necessary for power
per SKUSA rule

Include the following:
1. Dimensions needed ____ X ____
2. Pit drawing w/ measurements, if possible.
3. The name of each registered racer pitting with you.
4. A contact phone number.

Priority is given in order the requests are received, so don’t wait! 





tpkc airboxes




AIRBOXES (silencers) are mandatory for all S1, S2, S3, S4 and S4SM shifter karts on track at anytime (practice and race days) at the facility. The Airbox must be in stock form with NO MODIFICATIONS to the box or the inlet tubes. Airboxes may have up to 3 inlet tubes, each not to exceed 29mm +- 1mm inside diameter and 95mm minimum length.

Approved airboxes are limited to these pictured.

These airboxes can be purchased at your local Kart Shop.





The SpeedSportz Event will include Round 5 and Round 6

The new dates are Friday, October 13 - Sunday, October 15

Preliminary Schedule:

  • Thursday, October 12: SRP "Unofficial" Practice
  • Friday, October 13: TPKC Official Practice
  • Saturday, October 14: Round 5
  • Sunday, October 15: Round 6

Due to the many Harvey Evacuees, rooms may become hard to find.

houkw phototour17Courtyard by Marriott Houston Kingwood
130 Northpark Plaza Drive
Kingwood, TX 77339

When making reservations, follow these steps:

  1. Call the hotel directly, 281-973-1790.
  2. Group name: SpeedSportz.
  3. Check in as early as 10/11, Check out 10/16.
  4. $95/night
  5. CC needed to secure a reservation.24-hour cancellation.
  6. Currently there are 25 rooms available.
TPKC 02 R4Photo: Carolyn Wiley

Superkarts! USA regional program holds inaugural event at amazing Northern Texas circuit
TPKC 02 R4 X30 SeniorBrett Mitchell earned his third victory in the X30 Senior division
(Photo: Carolyn Wiley)
ROCKWALL, TX (July 20, 2017) – The Texas ProKart Challenge found a gem in the panhandle area of Texas. The gem is the Amarillo Kart Circuit, sitting alongside the busy Interstate-40, waiting for karters to find it. P1 Promotions, who direct the Superkarts! USA regional program, did just that and added a trip for the 2017 championship schedule. Months of preparation to make the facility ready for the top drivers in the southwest to converge at AKC culminated on July 14-15 as the Texas PKC program hosted the fourth round of the title chase.

P1 Promotions made sure everyone who attended the Amarillo Kart Circuit enjoyed the weekend, on and off the track. A complimentary dinner, sponsored by Paintmor was provided for those in attendance Friday evening. That was followed by rides aboard the Superkarts! USA two-seater kart with SKUSA Pro Tour S1 point leader Jake French at the wheel. A full opening ceremony was conducted before the racing action began, including a color guard and driver parade. The racing around the replica of the Formula One Turkish Grand Prix Istanbul Park circuit was among the best all season, with drivers giving two thumbs up for the layout. Texas PKC continues to provide unique awards, with the ‘Amarillo Boot’ trophy given out to the top-three drivers in each category along with a TPKC cowboy hat for the winner.

Read more: Amarillo Kart Circuit Makes Debut with Texas ProKart Challenge

evinco white

30.3.1. TIRES Spec: Tires (including rains) are spec for all classes. Spec tires are required during all practice sessions but do not have to be purchased from TPKC. Race tires must be purchased from TPKC and are a part of the competitor’s registration.

CADET Evinco Blue “H” 10x4.60-5

                                                        Fronts 10x4.60-5
                                                        Rears 11x7.10-5 Marking:
Tires will be marked, scanned or sequestered after qualifying. In regional events; competitors must race all heats, LCQ’s, pre-finals, and features/finalson the same tires used to qualify. In National events, additional sets of tires may beallowed at the Race Director’s discretion. Likewise, some classes may require the sametires to be used for more than one competition day. Unmarked or improperly markedtires at the end of any race session will result in a disqualification. Replacement:
A "one-for-one" tire replacement of a tire that has been damaged during racing may be approved by the Tech Director, Race Director, or TireDesk Manager. Tire(s) replaced without the proper approval will result in adisqualification. Replacement tire will have a measured tread depth equal to or lessthan the measured tread depth of the tire being replaced. Rain Race:
The decision to declare a race a rain race is at the discretion of the Race Director. When rain conditions are declared for a race, it is the racer’s option to choose rains or slicks. Rain tires are only optional to use when it has been declared a rain race. The number of sets will be at the Race Director’s discretion.

For TPKC events, competitor’s are responsible for bringing their own SPEC rain tires.TPKC does not sell SPEC rain tires.

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SKUSA Number Panels

SKUSA classes require SKUSA number panels.

texas prokart challenge series number plate tag junior
View the Race Number Panels page for more info.