Only drivers who hold a current SKUSA license are eligible for 2019 TPKC championship points and prizes.

Priority SuperNationals Pre-Entry Program

PPEP 2019 is a way for TPKC participants to secure an entry for the SuperNationals ahead of their competitors – and before their class fills up! This bonus is definitely an extra incentive for all drivers to participate in this year’s TPKC Championship. Anyone running the TPKC this year will have an opportunity to register before the general public. These drivers will be part of SKUSA’s ‘Priority Pre-Entry Program’ – PPEP – which has been designed to provide SKUSA racers with a guaranteed opportunity to attend the event as a participant.

A driver qualifies for PPEP if they meet any of the following five conditions.

  1. You competed in the 2019 SKUSA Winter Series at both Homestead events.
  2. You competed in the 2019 Pro Tour Winternats and SpringNats.
  3. You competed in the first 4 rounds of the 2019 California Pro Kart Challenge.
  4. You competed in the first 2 rounds of the 2019 Texas Pro Kart Challenge.
  5. You competed in the first 6 rounds of the Great Lake Pro Kart Challenge.

Here is how it will work.

  • On July 22, we will publish a list of drivers who qualify for PPEP, and in what class(s).
  • On July 22, we will post a link on SuperkartsUSA website, to the SuperNats 22 Pre-Entry form on MSR.
  • ONLY those drivers who qualify will be able to enter SuperNats 23 early – and only in the class(s) offered for which they have qualified.
  • Those drivers have a guaranteed registration opportunity for the SuperNats before we open to the public. After the PPEP program concludes, all entries will be first come-first served, and you’ll have to enter with everyone else.

Please remember that only competitors who meet one of the five conditions above will qualify for this year’s SuperNationals Priority Pre-Entry Program.

Guaranteed SuperNationals Main Event Starting Position

SKUSA will again be including a very lucrative benefit to the Texas PKC Champions heading into the 2019 SuperNationals. In any of the classes that will be opened to 88 entries for this year’s SuperNats (such as Mini Swift, X30 Junior, X30 Senior and X30 Master) the TPKC Champ will be rewarded with guaranteed starting positions in the main event on SuperSunday. Should they not make the main following the heat races or the Last Chance Qualifier, they will start at the tail of the grid.

TPKC Series Championship Prizes

Champions of Micro and Mini Swift will draw for 1 – 2019 SNATS Entry w/Tires
Champions of IAME X30 Junior, Senior and Master will draw for 1 – 2019 SNATS Entry w/Tires
Champions of Stock Honda, S4 and Pro Shifter will draw for 1 – 2019 SNATS Entry w/ Tires
Champions of KA 100 Junior and Senior will draw for 1 – 2019 SNATS Entry w/ Tires

The Fine Print: With the exception of Local Option classes, All classes listed on the 2019 Class Structure with a minimum of 3 entries at each round are eligible for championship trophies and prizes. Prizes are non-transferable and not redeemable for cash. Winners are responsible for all secondary expenses pertaining to prize(s) won