texas prokart challenge ntk

FUN TIMES ahead at TPKC Rounds 2 & 3 at North Texas Karters, June 7-9.  NIGHT RACING is the best ever!!!

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NTK Track Map 2


PIT Parking Requests
Send your request to:
Subject line: TPKC Pit Parking NTK

Spaces available: 10 x 40 along the pit runner, with electricity - $50 each

If you need more than a single or double space please include the following:
  1. Dimensions needed ____ X ____
  2. Pit drawing w/ measurements, if possible.
  3. The name of each registered racer pitting with you.
  4. A contact phone number.
Priority is given in order the requests are received, so don’t wait!
 Event schedule

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