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TPKC @ Gulf Coast Karters in 2014

Official SKUSA regional program and US Rotax Max Challenge program will offer four weekend events for 2015!

The Texas ProKart - Burger King® Rotax Max Challenge, presented by 3G Kart Racing/Fernelius Alvarez Attorneys/Dallas Karting Complex/Chase Racing, hosted four solid events in 2014 with a 19% increase in Kart Count over the 2013. The Superkarts! USA and US Rotax Max Challenge regional series is now gearing up for another successful year, officially announcing their 2015 schedule. The four-weekend, eight-race championship will take our racers to two Nationally recognized karting circuits, along with the two most prominent Texas circuits to fill out the forth year of the series.

In an effort to minimize travel for our competitors, our 2014 Series Champions will be recognized at an awards dinner to be held Friday Evening April 10th

Rounds 1 & 2 will kick off the year, as the Texas ProKart - Burger King® Rotax Max Challenge program opens up 2015 at Gulf Coast Kartway in Houston on April 10 - 12, in Katy, Texas. Rounds 3 & 4 will see the return of day time racing at North Texas Kartway in Denton, Texas on June 12 -14th. The series returns to Dallas Karting Complex the weekend of July 10 - 12th and finishes up at the famed Oklahoma Motorsports Complex in Norman, Oklahoma October 2 - 4th.

2014 Awards Dinner - April 10th: Katy, TX

  • Race One and Two - April 10 - 12: Gulf Coast Kartway, Katy Texas
  • Race Three and Four - June 12 - 14: North Texas Kartway, Denton Texas
  • Race Five and Six - July 10 - 12: Dallas Karting Complex, Caddo Mills, Texas
  • Race Seven and Eight - Oct 2 - 4: Oklahoma Motorsports Complex, Norman, Oklahoma

More Details on the 2015 series will follow shortly with Registration going live March 1st!

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