Points are calculated based on your finishes in the Heats and Main.  There are also bonus points for Pole and the fastest lap during the Main.  There is 1 race drop for the 2018 TPKC 6-race season to calculate the final championship points.  A non race entry does not qualify for a drop.  All race entries will receive last place points for any DNS.  If a heat is eliminated due to a change in schedule, weather delay, or for any other reason, double points will be assigned for finishing positions in the next heat.

RULES REMINDER: Regardless of the number of laps completed, any driver that does not weigh in with their kart at the scales at the end of each on-track session (after taking the green flag) will be disqualified and will not be eligible for any points for that session.

Race drop notes - Only disqualifications because of a weight infraction can be used as a “throw-away” race in any SKUSA series.


  1. Ties are broken by comparing main finish positions.
  2. If main finishes are the same, then heat finish positions are used.
  3. If heat finishes are the same, then qualifying positions are used.

SKUSA Membership:

  1. SKUSA allows points to be earned ONLY with a current membership or within the allowed 45 day grace renewal period.;
  2. Points CANNOT be earned with an expired membership (ie: any points earned while your membership is expired do not count).

Bonus Points

Top Qualifier : 10pts
Fastest Lap in Main: 10pts
Tough Guy Rain Bonus: 100pts

Heat Finish

1st 50 6th 25
45 7th 20
3rd 40 8th 15
4th 35 9th 10
5th 30 10th 

Main Event Finish

1st 200 11th 102 21st 50 31st 28
2nd 180 12th 96 22nd 
46 32nd 27
3rd 170 13th 90 23rd 42 33rd 26
4th 160 14th 84 24th 40 34th 25
5th 150 15th 78 25th 38 35th 24
6th 142 16th 72 26th 36 36th 23
7th 134 17th 66 27th 34 37th 22
8th 126 18th 62 28th 32 38th 21
9th 118 19th 58 29th 30 39th 20
110 20th 
54 30th 29 40th 19


Championship ties will be broken by the number of times one driver has beaten the other in all main events. Heat races will be considered as well, if necessary.