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  • TPKC DKC Rounds 1 & 2 Schedule

    Please download the detailed schedule for the Dallas Kartign Complex TPKC race May 3rd - 5th, 2013.

    DKC Thursday May 2nd - Friday May 3rd Schedule

    DKC Saturday May 4th - Sunday May 5th Schedule

    Registration closes at midnight Sunday April 28th. Racers are required to purchase fuel, oil and tires from the series. Be sure to order your fuel, oil and tires online to ensure we have them for you at the track on May 3rd.

    Texas ProKart challenge will be giving away lots of prizes this race including the following:

    • 2 Ribtect vests
    • Motul products
    • 2 Sets of tires
    • 2 Free race entries
    • Two 1-night hotel room vouchers (Holiday Inn Express & Suites Royse City can be used on check out)
  • Technical Bulletin: Mini Max "Rev-Limiter"

    April 18, 2013

    Rotax Mini Max Rev LimiterThe Mini Max "Rev-Limiter" is required in the Texas ProKart Challenge Series. Josh Smith from Rotax will be at the DKC event with the Rev-Limiters on hand for anyone that needs one.

    The Maxspeed Group distributed the "Rev Limiter", during the premier winter series with great success. The news spread quickly and many of the USRMC series have been asking to mandate the device at their series. This devise has successfully terminated the so called "turbo effect" with little to no major modifications.

    Josh Smith has informed us that Mini Max Rev-Limiters will be required at the US Rotax Grand Nationals and the Pan American Challenge races.


    The device is to be installed in between the wire harness and the ignition coil. It is highly recommended to mount the "Rev-Limiter" using Velcro, and attach it to the side of the ignition coil. Also zip ties can be used as a secondary precaution to hold the device in place. These devices will have to be installed prior to declarations and must be inspected by the scrutineers for serial number and proper mounting.


    The device issued to that kart/driver, must be the same device used for that kart/driver.

  • Dallas Karting Complex Host Hotels

    Holiday Inn Express & Suites Royse City has 10 more $69 rooms left in the DKC block that they are holding for us until April 28th. When you call to make your reservation be sure to tell them your room is in the DKC block or they will tell you they are sold out!

    Racers staying at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Royse City will have their names entered into a drawing for a free hotel room night certificate. We will be giving the free hotel room night certificates away at the driver's meeting on Saturday.  The certificates can be used on check out.

    Holiday Inn Express & Suites Royse City

    Holiday Inn Express & Suites Royse City

    1001 Pullen Street
    Royse City, TX 75189
    Phone: (972) 635-6560

    Be sure to ask for the DKC $69 rate!

    Must book by April 28th for $69 DKC rate!

    holiday inn express greenville 1

    Holiday Inn Express & Suites Greenville

    2901 Mustang Crossing
    Greenville, TX 75402
    Phone: (903) 454-8680

    Ask for the TPK $79 rate or $89 King Suite!

    Must book by May 4th for $79 TPK rate!

    Visit the DKC Hotel Info page to view a map with the locations of Dallas Karting Complex and the hotels.

  • New Rotax Mini Max Sponsor - Enertech Resources

    Enertech logoTexas ProKart Challenge Series welcomes Enertech Resources as the 2013 Rotax Mini Max class sponsor.

    Enertech Resources is a leading wireless communications network services provider in the southwest United States headquartered in San Marcos, Texas. They provide tower construction, engineering, site development, equipment modification and general maintenance services for wireless networks.

    Since their beginning more than eight years ago, Enertech Resources has built an impressive portfolio of blue-chip customers and established long-term relationships with major providers fo wireless networks such as AT&T, Verizon, Motorola, and Sprint. Whether it's acquiring and developing new tower sites, modifying current equipment, or maintaining and repairing existing sites, Enertech Resources has the expertise, resources and knowledge to undertake any project.

  • "DKC 75" Team Endurance Race

    Dallas Karting Complex will also be hosting the "DKC 75" team endurance race on Friday evening, May 3 with their rental kart fleet. All attendees will be eligible to participate in this 75 - lap, 20-team event. In the spirit of fair competition, each kart will be equipped with brand new race tires.

    DKC 75 - Details

    • May 3, 2013 - 7:00 PM
    • 75 - lap Team Enduro
    • Teams of 3 to 4 drivers
    • $300 per team (Includes "New" Tires on all Team Karts)
    • Minimum of 15 laps per driver (teams with 3 must have one driver go twice)

    Call the "Dallas Karting Complex" at (903) 527-5278 to register for the "DKC 75" Endurance Kart Race.


  • Important Announcement Regarding Mini ROK Pistons

    Attention: TaG Cadet Competitors, Kart Shops and Engine Builders:

    As many of you know, Vortex has experienced a shortage of pistons for this engine. While they are working hard to remedy the situation, it has created a current hardship for some.

    SKUSA has agreed to allow the use of the IAME Swift piston in this engine as a temporary solution to the problem. If used, it is important for the competitor to advise the event technical staff of its use in a specific engine prior to qualifying.

    When the supply problem is corrected, sufficient notice will be given as to when the Swift piston is no longer allowed.

  • Mini Rok Air Filter

    TAG Cadet racers please note the following tech update from Stan Bryniarski regarding the required air filter for the Mini Rok engine.

    RLV Mini Rok FilterClick to enlarge

    "Just a reminder that per the 2013 SKUSA rulebook, the Mini ROK is required to run an air filter inside the air box. This filter does not come with the discounted engine package.

    This IS a tech item
    . Filter can be purchased from RLV www.rlv.com "


  • 2013 TPKC Tire Rule

    Texas ProKart Challenge Series racers, please note the 2013 TPKC tire rule. New tires are required on Saturday only and are optional on Sunday for all classes except the Cadet classes which are only allowed only one set of tires for all weekend. All tires must be purchased from the sereis and will be stamped PKC and can be picked up at the track.

    • Cadet Classes - Mini Rok, Micro Max & Mini Max - One set of new tires on Saturday for all weekend
    • All Junior & Senior Classes - New tires on Saturday - Optional Sunday
  • Rotax 2013 Technical Regulations Update

    Based on the Technical Regulations Update from Max Speed  we will use the 2012 CARBURETOR REGULATIONS in the TPKC until further notice. All other 2013 Regulations for Rotax will be in effect.

    2013 Technical Regulations Update

    Until Further Notice: Maxspeed Group announces to use the 2012 Carburetor Regulations.

    2013 USRMC Technical Regulations

    9.2.6 Carburetor:

    Due to unforeseen backorders and inventory issues, the Maxspeed Group has decided to postpone the new 2013 Carburetor Technical Regulations until further notice. The purpose of this bulletin is to properly allow all competitors to receive an equal opportunity to be able to order the parts and to be equally able to make the transition from the 2012 Carburetor Rules to the new 2013 Carburetor Rules.

    The Maxspeed Group recommends all USRMC series to adopt the new 2013 Technical Rules and Regulations ASAP, but to continue to use the 2012 Carburetor Regulations until supply of the new parts is no longer an issue.

    2012 Carburetor Technical Rules and Regulations:

    -Junior Max, Senior Max, Masters Max, DD2 and DD2 Masters must use either Combination #1 or Combination #2: as stated in 2012 IRMC Technical Regulations.

    -Mini Max must use Combination #1 only: Carburetor Insert 12.5 – Floats gr5.2 – Idle Jet 30 – Idle Jet Insert 30, K-98 needle only.

    -Micro Max must use Combination #2 only: Carburetor Insert 8.5 – Floats gr3.6 – Idle Jet 60 – Idle Jet Insert 60 – K-98 needle only. Only main jets marked: 115/118/120/122/125/128/130 is allowed and as supplied from BRP Micro Max Jet Package.

    -Micro Max and Mini Max: Event organizers may specify single main jet or a choice of allowed main jets for events

    Rick Miller - TPKC Technical Director