At the conclusion of each on-track session, after crossing the finish line; all competitors must slow their speed while making their way to the scale line. Any competitor who makes contact with another racer shall be penalized.

Penalty Assessed
Practice or Warm-up           - Loss of next scheduled on track session
Qualifying or Competition   - DQ/loss of points for the session


All karts participating in a TPKC event must have a Texas ProKart sticker mounted on the front fairing. Stickers will be provided to you at registration.


All SKUSA sanctioned series use standardized CIK number specifications. 
This means solid yellow number panels and solid black numbers for all classes, unless the following applies.

2018 SKUSA National Champions - TPKC will allow you to run #1, 2 or 3 in the 2019 class you won in 2018, using yellow numbers on a black background.

2018 TPKC Champions - you may choose to run #1, 2 or 3 in the 2019 regional class you won in 2018, using black numbers on a yellow background. NOTE: These number panels will only be allowed within the 2019 TPKC Series.

Please refer to SKUSA Rule 20.2.2 for the number plate dimensional specifics.

IAME Classes   Shifter Classes   KA Classes  
Micro Swift
Mini Swift
X30 Junior
X30 Senior        
X30 Master
Pro Shifter (SSE)
Honda Stock Moto    
S4 Masters
500-599 (Local Option)
700-799 (Local Option)
KA Junior
KA Senior
  • A total of two (2) front and two (2) rear Race Tires are allowed PER RACE DAY and must be purchased from Texas ProKart.
  • Race Tires are defined as "stamped" spec tires purchased from TPKC. To insure availability, Online registration should be completed at least one week before the event.
  • The Evinco “M” Red tire is the spec Race Tire for all Shifter classes and for the IAME Senior and Masters categories. The Evinco “M” Red tire is the only slick that can be used in qualifying, pre-final and final.
  • The Evinco “H” Blue 7.10 tire is the spec Race Tire for both KA100 Junior and Senior classes. The Evinco “H” Blue 7.10 tire is the only slick that can be used in qualifying, pre-final, and final.
  • The Evinco “H” Blue tire is the spec Race Tire for Micro Swift, Mini Swift and the IAME X30 Junior categories. The Evinco “H” Blue tire is the only slick that can be used in qualifying, pre-final, and final. During any 2-race event, Micro and Mini Swift are limited to using one set of stamped race tires purchased from TPKC. 1-set used both race days. X30 Junior has the option of running a new set of race tires each race day.
  • In the event that a 'rain race' is declared by the race director, the official spec 'rain' tire is the MG-WT "wet" tire ONLY. If such tires are used during a competition session, they will be marked by the technical officials at the end of the session and will be the only set of rain tires the competitor may use for the balance of the race day. TPKC does not sell rain tires.
  • The TPKC Tire Desk will be open for a limited time each “Move-In” day, all day during “Official Practice” and early on Competition days per the posted event schedule. Competitors are required to pick up their set of stamped Race Tires (slicks) during these time periods. Only Race Tires (slicks) received from the TPKC Tire Desk are eligible for competition at each event.
  • All practice tires should be the Spec Evinco tires described above. The new spec Evinco tires for use as practice tires can be purchased from TPKC/SKUSA or any authorized distributor.
  • Spec fuel for all classes is VP C12 and can be purchased from your local kart track or shop.
  • Spec oil for all classes is Motul 2T Kart Grand Prix and can be purchased from your local kart track or shop.
  • New for 2019, TPKC no longer supplies spec oil or fuel.
  • Transponders are required in all practice and race competition sessions. You will not be allowed on the track during official practice sessions, as noted on the event schedule, or on race day without a transponder. Drivers will be black-flagged if laps are not registering (consistent with your assigned transponder code) in the T&S system.
  • Anyone who misses their qualifying session or is in the wrong qualifying session will be assigned a “no time” and start at the back of the field in their respective class for their next competition session.
  • The engine seal number (received in Registration) shall be entered by each driver on the Pre-Tech Certification form that is turned in prior to the first competition session (i.e., qualifying), and installed on the kart as instructed. This seal must remain in place for the duration of the event. See the event Technical Director for additional assistance.
  • Engines and/or components may also be "painted" by the event technical staff at the post qualifying weigh-in.
  • Any engine changed subsequent to qualifying MUST be pre-approved by the event Tech Director and if not, will result in a DQ and loss of points for ALL prior race sessions and a last place start in the next race session.
  • It is solely the driver's responsibility to solicit and receive an engine change approval form from and executed by the event Tech Director. It is also the driver’s responsibility to demonstrate engine damage in order to get Tech Director approval to change engines. If the competitor is unable to demonstrate damage, one additional engine (total of 2) may be approved by the event Technical Director. If approved, the competitor will start the next competition session at the back of the lineup.

TPKC employs a self-certification form to facilitate pre-tech inspection. The driver initials and signs the form to certify that the listed items are in compliance. The form is then submitted on the grid for qualifying. Drivers are not allowed out for qualifying without turning in an executed pre-tech form. Spot checks of safety items will be made throughout the event and violations may result in penalty assessments. 

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