Miguel Lopez 2015 S2 Semi-Pro Stock Moto class championRaul Guzman 2015 S5 Junior Stock Moto class championJak Crawford 2015 TaG Cadet class championRiley Dickinson 2014 Rotax Mini Max class championLanceLehrman 2014 Rotax DD2 Masters class championLuke Waller 2014 taG Senior class champion

Please be aware that SKUSA is making MANDATORY number panel color requirements - SKUSA CLASSES ONLY.

Click the "Race Number Panels" link on the TPKC Info menu on the right for more information.

Be sure to get your race number and letter approved by SKUSA prior to ordering your number panels by emailing or call 951-491-0808. All new SKUSA memberships are typically confirmed via email within 48 hours of submittal.

You can only reserve a race number with TPKC if you have an active SKUSA membership. With the exception of single digit earned numbers (see below), the only number that you are authorized to race with is the number found on your SKUSA membership card -- INCLUDING the area designator. If you race without the area designator letter, you will be exposed to the possibility of having to change your number panels at the event.

Single digit numbers

TPKC class champions earn the right to run single digit numbers IN THE SAME CLASS the following year.  Click the "Number Reservations" link in the menu on the right for a list of the TPKC single digit number holders in your region.  Even if a driver chooses not to run the single digit number earned, that number is reserved and unusable by any other driver for the balance of the competition year.

If you are moving to another class or wish to change your reserved race number, contact the PKC business office to reserve a new number: email or call 951-491-0808.

Area Designators by state

"a" = International
"c", "x", "b", "k" = (SoCal, HI, AZ)
"d" = (CO, NM)
"e" = (NE, IA, MO)
"f" = (FL)
"g" = (AR, LA, MS, KY, TN, AL)
"h" = (SD, ND, MN)
"j" = (WI, MI, IN, IL, OH)
"m" = (Mexico)
"n" = (MD, PA, NY, DE, NJ, DE)
"o" = (OK, KS)
"q" = (CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, ME)
"r" = Canada
"s" = (VA, WV, NC, SC, GA)
"t" = (TX)
"u" = (UT, WY, MT)
"w" = One Event Membership
"y" = (NorCal and NV)
"z" = (WA, OR, ID)

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Number Panel Vendor

Axcel Graphics logo
Please order your SKUSA number panels from Axcel Graphics.
Contact to place your order: 626-294-0075, www.axcelgraphics.com.