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Speedsportz racing park

23050 Speed Street
New Caney, TX 77357

Track Phone: 866-607-7223


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Supplemental Rules: Rounds 5 & 6
Speedsportz Racing Park, September 13-15, 2019

WELCOME: The entire staff of Texas ProKart Challenge (TPKC) extends our thanks to you for your participation. As always, feel free to stop by TPKC Race Check-In for answers to your questions or clarification of any procedure. Following are the most important event rules, as well as tips to help you navigate the event and answer some of the most common questions.

TRACK FACILITY RULES: Please join your fellow competitors and TPKC in assuring we leave the track facility in the same condition it was given to us by policing your area upon completion of each day’s event and prior to departure at the end of the event. Pit areas will be inspected at the conclusion of the event. Oil/fuel spills, used tires or empty fuel cans left in unauthorized locations, and/or damage to asphalt of any kind could result in an additional charge to the pit space renter.

These rules will be enforced:

  • Track/Pit Gates Hours for this event are: Thursday 10am-8pm, Fri 7am-8pm, Sat 7am-8pm, Sun 6:30am-8pm.
  • Once pit move-in is complete, keep all aisles and fire lanes clear at all times.
  • Deposit all trash into trash cans or trash bags. DO NOT PILE LOOSE TRASH.
  • USED TIRES MUST BE TAKEN OFF PROPERTY by the user. DO NOT put tires into a trash receptacle or leave them in the pits when you leave. Fines will apply for violations.
  • TAKE ALL EMPTY FUEL CANS WITH YOU WHEN YOU LEAVE. Fines will apply for violations.
  • PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE LARGE ITEMS on site or in the trash receptacles -- like tarps, carpets, broken EZ-ups, etc.
  • All pits must have a fire extinguisher – one for every 400SF of pit area (min 5lbs, type ABC) – that is visible and accessible at all times. SKUSA rules also require a 20-lb fire extinguisher for each trailer over 20-ft in length.
  • NO SMOKING in tents, trailers, in tech, on grid, or when fueling karts – and please pick up your butts.
  • No refueling under tents, canopies or in trailers.
  • NO motorized or non-motorized vehicles – including bikes, scooters, mini-bikes, golf karts, etc -- are allowed at any time during this event (other than TPKC recovery or medical/emergency vehicles). p
  • PETS will be allowed on property, but must be kept inside trailers & RVs or confined to your pit space. Pets are not allowed in the grid, scale, tech area or to roam the pits. Please clean up after your pet. Neither Speedsportz or TPKC are responsible for any aggressive behavior displayed or any act causing bodily harm by a pet while at the event.

MANDATORY DRIVERS’ MEETING: All drivers, crew members and parents of minor drivers are required to attend the Saturday Drivers’ Meeting per the event schedule. Any drivers discovered not in attendance will be penalized in qualifying.

SPEC FUEL AND OIL: Drivers and/or Teams are responsible for supplying their own Spec Fuel and Oil.

RAIN RACE: In the event that a 'rain race' is declared by the race director, the official spec 'rain' tire is the MG-WT "wet" tire ONLY. If such tires are used during a competition session, they will be marked by the technical officials at the end of the session and will be the only set of rain tires the competitor may use for the balance of the race day. TPKC does not sell rain tires.

AIRBOXES REQUIRED FOR HONDA SHIFTERS: AIRBOXES (silencers) are mandatory for all HONDA 125cc shifter karts on track at any time (practice and race days) at Speedsportz. Approved airboxes: RLV-0301 (2-hole), RLV-0344 (3-hole) and Freeline, 2-hole, 29mm, end intake airbox. The Airbox must be in stock form with NO MODIFICATIONS to the box or the inlet tubes. Airboxes may have up to 3 inlet tubes, each not to exceed 29mm +- 1mm inside diameter and 95mm minimum length.

QUIET ENGINE RULE: The only place an engine may be started/running (besides on the track) is in the immediate area outside of the competitor’s pit spot/tent and/or at the direction of the chief grid steward (1-2 minutes prior to going on-track). Do NOT push a running kart to the grid. Penalties will apply for violations.

HOT PIT: In the interest of safety, there will be no “hot pit” at this track. Thus, the only places where a kart can be moving under its own power are (a) entering the track from the grid and (b) exiting the track to the scale area. Karts must be pushed from the pits to the grid and from scales to the pits. Drivers are also not allowed to pull off the track during competition sessions to have the kart worked on, and then pull back onto the track during the same session.

DRIVING SUITS & HELMETS AT PODIUM: A podium presentation will take place at the conclusion of both Saturday’s and Sunday’s race day. All 1st thru 3rd place finishers in all classes (1st – 5th for Micro and Mini) will receive a trophy at that time, as well as any available podium prizes. Raffle drawings will also take place, and drivers must be present to win.


Texas ProKart Challenge Round 5 & 6 @ Speedsportz Racing Park SEPTEMBER 13-15, 2019

Teams and Individual pit space request

  • Your driver must be registered for the event or the request will be waitlisted.
  • 10 x 40 spaces are $50ea.
  • 20 x 80 spaces are $100ea.
  • Include the following information in your request:
    • Driver name(s)
    • Size and # of spaces needed
    • For more extensive layouts, submit a drawing or written explanation with measurements
    • Send to;


Texas ProKart Challenge RoundS 5 & 6 @ Speedsportz Racing Park September 13-15, 2019





FOOD TRUCKS @ TPKC  Speedsportz, September 13-15


Divine Dogs - Friday, Saturday & Sunday

C & V Sausage Hut - Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Tila's Tacos - Saturday only



Texas ProKart Challenge Rounds 5 & 6 @ Speedsportz Racing Park September 13-15, 2019



houkw phototour17Courtyard by Marriott Houston Kingwood
130 Northpark Plaza Drive
Kingwood, TX 77339

When making reservations, call the hotel directly at 281-973-1790. Host hotel room rate is $89